We aim to maintain the good health of our patients by offering:


Asthma Clinic

Run by the nurse for any child or adult with asthma. In addition to regular check ups and dealing with problems as they arise, we also instruct on proper use of inhalers and other devices.


Diabetic Clinic

We perform regular checks on control, screen for complications and can arrange appointments with the dietician, chiropodist, optician or hospital as appropriate.


Cervical Smears

Women aged between 25 and 49 should have their smear taken every 3 years. Women aged between 49 and 64 should have their smear taken every 5 years. You can make an appointment for this with the practice nurse.


Family Planning and Contraception Advice

We offer a complete family planning service including advice on contraception and emergency contraception.


Smoking Cessation Advice

We provide advice on how patients may stop smoking. We actively encourage patients to have a programme for stopping smoking and adopting a lifestyle for reducing the risk of heart disease. 

You can also self refer yourself to the New Leaf Clinic held within the Health Centre.


Well Woman and Well Man Clinic

This clinic is for any adult who wishes to have a general Health Check Up with our Health Care Assistant by appointment.


Minor Surgery

If minor surgery is required, a referral will be made.


Influenza Vaccination (Flu Jab)

If you have a heart or lung problem, asthma, and diabetes or are 65 years and over you are advised to have a flu injection every year. Clinics are held between September and January.


Antenatal Clinic

The midwife leads the antenatal clinic and the doctor is available for consultation when necessary. This clinic is held on a Tuesday by appointment only.


Baby Immunisation Clinic

The health visitor holds a regular clinic in the health centre for baby check and general advice on any problems. Our baby immunisation clinic is held at the same time on Monday between 13:30 and 15:00 hours.

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